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A job change is big decision. It touches all aspects of your life - career, lifestyle, family, personal and job satisfaction and above all your sense of achievement. At Neatens we understand the importance of this and focus on providing you the best opportunities. Opportunities that cater to your career needs.


Search for suitable opportunities from our list of current openings or send in your application. Get connected with leading organizations across India.


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Embedded Systems Development and Device Drivers (C, C++ etc)


    *         Protocol Development (2g, 3g Stack N/W)
    *         Firmware Development (C, VXworks etc)
    *         IMS (Information Management Systems - All types of admin, Support from senior to junior roles)
    *         Platform Development using Java
    *         IT infrastructure services
    *         Application and product Development  (C#, Java etc)
    *         Web technologies (HTML, PHP etc)
    *         Middle ware (WMB, WMQ, TIBCO etc)
    *         Build and Release (Clear case, SVN, CVS Etc)
    *         Infrastructure (Data, Voice, Video etc - Worked on technology and sales requirement)
    *         Database (SQL, Oracle, Sybase etc)
    *         Telecom (TCP/IP,FTP,SMTP, NMS/EMS, Optical All the layers in the OSI Model)
    *         Data warehousing / Business intelligence (MSBI, Data stage, Cognos, Informatica etc )
    *         Testing (Manual, Automation, Open source Tools etc)
    *         Designing (Pro E, CAD, etc)
    *         Virtualization and Storage (SAN, NAS)
    *         Printing Domain Development
    *         ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle Apps etc - Handled both Functional and technical requirements)
    *         Cloud Based (Salesforce etc)





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